Wedding Boutonnieres

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These wedding boutonnieres made with bright yellow callas will look very elegant against the dark black and gray of a groom's tuxedo.  Perhaps you will decide to make the groomsmen's boutonnieres black, and create white for the groom to match the bridal bouquet.

String the pearls through with the blades of the Bear Grass.  Double over and tape with the green stem wrap.  Tape the loops to the front and side of the calla lily.  Fold the flax leaves and tape them to the calla as well.  Wrap the stem with a flax leaf and wrap tightly with the fine silver or other colored beading wire.  

Mist the finished lapel posies well with a flower sealant, allow to dry and then store in refrigerator.  If you need more help, browse through the step by step tutorials at the beginning Boutonniere Galleries.  There are also quick links to design hints at the bottom of this page.

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