fall boutonniere

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This fall boutonniere is fairly simple to make once you learn some floral techniques.  The first step (always!) is to treat your bulk wedding flowers properly upon arrival. This will make them last and look fresh all the way through your wedding day.

For this tutorial, you will need the following supplies:

Decorative wire accents can make a wedding boutonniere stand out against the dark tux lapel.  For this design, I'm using the gold wire, but it is available in many different colors!

The wire comes on a 39 foot roll, so there is plenty for all your corsages and boutonnieres.

I cut off several lengths of wire (about 10" each) and bend them into a hairpin shape.  I ended up using only two per boutonniere rather than the three I show in the photo.

I cross the wire over itself and create an oval loop.

You can give the wire a twist if you wish to hold the shape, but be careful not to give the loop any crooked edges.  It needs to be a smooth oval shape.

I created a slightly smaller loop that fits inside the first one.

Secure with floral tape so the loops don't move.

Keep the tape tightly in the center so the loops hold together firmly.  The green tape will be concealed later.

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