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A flower corsage can be one of the most difficult types of floral design to master.  The goal is to keep your tape stems as small as possible so not to create extra bulk or weight.  All the designs shown above can be made either with the traditional method of tape and wire or the newer method of using floral adhesive.

Please keep in mind that hot melt glue can damage delicate flower petals while cool melt glue can turn brittle and break apart if store in the refrigerator.

Floral adhesive has more of a rubber type base, which is a little slower to adhere, but once dried makes a fast and tight bond even in cold temperatures or where moisture is present.

You should scale every flower corsage to an appropriate size for the wearer. If the person is small, you may wish to use a smaller flower head, such as spray roses instead of standard roses.

There are some flowers that need to be treated with care.  Delicate blooms such as Lily of the Valley, hydrangeas and Gerbera daisies wilt very quickly without a constant water source.  It is best that you wash your hands before designing, as skin oils can cause dendrobium orchids, gardenias and stephanotis to crease or show dark marks on the surface of the petals.

Care must be taken for your blooms to last till your wedding day.  Take a lightweight napkin and spray it well with a flower hydrator such as Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Lay the wetted napkin lightly over the corsage (and boutonniere) and then store in the refrigerator.

Take care not to put corsages towards the back of the refrigerator.  Home refrigeration units are often colder near the back of the fridge.  You don't want the flowers to get too cold and freeze.

It is wise to list all the names of the people who will receive flowers to wear.  Cut these labels apart and pin them to each designated flower and then they can be pinned on by someone who may not even know everyone that wedding day.

I tend to always make one "extra" corsage or boutonniere.  This can come in handy if you forget someone and suddenly remember on your special day that they were supposed to get a flower.

I suggest you make your corsages and boutonnieres the day before your wedding.  Flowers without a constant water source have a shorter life than those (like flowers arranged in Max-Life florist foam) which have a constant water source.

Mist your flowers each day with Finishing Touch to keep the petal hydrated at all times.  Typical air conditioning and home refrigerators are designed to remove moisture from the air, while a professional florist cooler adds quite a bit of humid air into their coolers.

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