calculating wedding flowers

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Calculating how many wedding flowers to order online can be very confusing for the DIY bride.  I'm going to try to break down how I, as a professional florist, calculated how much product and supplies I needed to order for brides that came through our flower shop.

Start out by clicking on this image graph below.  I chose to use an image rather than a document, as we all know downloading stuff on the internet can give us headaches when you get a whole lot more than a picture.  Since you are in control over "copy" and "paste" - you know this is safe to do.

Place your mouse arrow over the picture and click once on the right hand button of the mouse.  A drop down list will show up.  You can either "Save Image As" (naming it something you remember!) or simply click "Copy Image".

Go directly to your photo editing program (Microsoft's common is called "Paint")  look for the clipboard and choose to "Paste")  If your photo shows long right to left, choose to "Rotate" until it looks like the image above.  

You can also choose to create a new Word document and "Paste" the image in a document.  Once you have the document, print off one to use as a sample.

Got your grid?  Great . . . let's go to the next step.

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