boutonniere flowers

Boutonniere flowers are traditionally pinned on the wearer's left side.  It can be pinned to the lapel or tucked in the left side pocket.  The flowers in the boutonniere usually match the accompanying partner of the wearer or the event theme colors.  (For instance, a Fourth of July celebration a design made of red, white and blue boutonniere flowers would be appropriate.)

There are other options than using a boutonniere pin.  Boutonniere vases, magnetic backings and stylized bout pins are popular alternatives.  Please note you should always take care to find if the wearer has any type of medical device that could be compromised by magnets.  A heart pacemaker, for example, could have it's function disrupted by a boutonniere attached with magnets.  Always take care to attach printed instructions on top of boutonniere boxes with this warning.

As you can see by the above boutonniere flowers ... original button posies can look polished and professional by using of a mixture of different flowers and greens.  

My love has always been in sharing knowledge.  Once health issues forced me to retire from managing a large flower shop, I started a website to teach others that you CAN create your own flowers from your home if you are willing to become organized, shop for the best prices and line of some free labor amongst friends and family.  

Don't put the stress upon yourself if it means you can't enjoy your own wedding day.  Set reasonable goals, lay out your workspace and delivery options and . . . have fun!  Otherwise I advise you to hire a professional and pay the extra dollars.  Nothing is worth losing the enjoyment from your big day!

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