wiring boutonniere greenery

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It's time to wire the boutonniere greenery.  Take the previously taped flower bloom backed with baby's breath and plumosa fern and set aside.

Depending on your preference, you can use either silk greenery or fresh leaves from your flower stems.  Artificial leaves come in varying sizes, with either single leaves or a cluster on a thin wire stem.

Let's create a cluster of two leaves by overlapping as shown, and then taping together.

Pull the floral tape in a downward motion so it stretches and adheres to itself.

You may wish to combine different artificial leaves to make the greenery more interesting.

You can use either fresh or artificial bear grass as an accent.

Double the blade of grass over and tape behind the silk boutonniere leaves.  Cut the wire stem shorter with wire cutters.

The completed greens are ready to be taped behind the flower head and baby's breath you wired previously.

Place the silk combo behind the chrysanthemum flower set and tape the leaf set behind the flower head, creating one slender taped stem.

Let's move on to instructions on how to correctly wire and tape fresh leaves.

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