purple boutonniere

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Oasis Metallic wire can add great color and interest when you make a boutonniere.  It is a 28 gauge and comes in a 110 yard roll.  It is available in 10 cool colors.

I began by tucking the end of the wire between the two alstromerias, leaving the cut end dangling out the back of the boutonniere.

This cut end will be later use to twist and secure the entire wire wrap to the boutonniere.

Begin coiling the wire around the taped flower stems, keeping the coils tightly together as you wrap the wire.

The wire will take on a decorative flair as you move down the flower stems.  It's all right if the colored florist tape peeks out beneath the wire - it will just add a colored accent to the boutonniere design.

Wrapping the boutonniere stem with Oasis metallic wire is easy.  This 28 gauge wire is thin and very malleable, making it easy to work with. 

When starting the wrap, you should loop the cut end of the wire in the space where the two bottom flowers meet.  The tail left dangling is what you'll use to twist the cut end of the wire once you are done with the wrap.

Move down the stem, keeping the wrap tight and close together.

You should have a nice, even distribution of wire that contrasts nicely with the light green florist tape.

Once reaching the bottom, wrap the wire again upwards until you reach the point that the first cut wire end is met.

Cut off the wire and twist the two cut ends together, securing the wire to the boutonniere stem.

Finish off the wrapped wire around the boutonniere stem by twisting the two cut ends tightly together.  The secret to a tight twist is holding the wire with needle nose pliers and twisting the BOUTONNIERE instead of the wire.

This tightens the wire against the boutonniere stem.

Take your needle nose pliers and clamp the cut ends of the wire.

Turn those cut ends inward and bury them against the back of the boutonniere stems.  Be sure that no sharp ends protrude out the back of the boutonniere that make cause injury or snag clothing.

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