Wedding Boutonnieres

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I'm going to use a red diamante pin as an extra element in the design.  Whenever you have to shorten pearl pins or diamante pins, please be cautious and take the proper steps to cut the steel shanks safely.

I insert the cut shank into a tube of floral adhesive before inserting it into the flower stem.

I start high on the right side, clustering the diamante pins around the cushion mum head.

The diamante pins are available in several colors and add a lot of sparkle and shine to your boutonniere designs without getting too "girly".

They add in the red color making a beautiful fall color scheme.

I am going to ribbon wrap the last portion of the single stem, starting high at the top and winding it tightly around itself down the stem.

Keep the ribbon tight, as nylon is slippery and can unfurl quickly if you loosen your grasp on the flower stem.

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