Wedding Boutonnieres

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Wedding boutonnieres with a single bloom wrapped in a cone of leaves are easy to make.  Oasis floral adhesive is gentle on flowers and easy to use.  For an easy design tip, use a corsage pin as a temporary stopper instead of screwing that lid on and off continually.

For this boutonniere, you will need the following:

Floral adhesive is gentle on fresh flower, as hot melt glue is not.  Both hot and cool melt glue turns brittle when refrigerated, while the floral adhesive holds in both cool and damp conditions.  Wrap the leaves around the head of the rose, holding in place for a few moments until it holds fast.

When done, mist the design with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory, allow to dry, and store in refrigerator (away from fruit and vegetables.).  For more help, check out the step by step photo boutonniere tutorials in the beginning galleries.


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