wedding boutonnieres

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Wedding boutonnieres can be quite expensive, with some top wire services such as Teleflora charge $19.99 and up for even simple boutonnieres.  If you are making your own wedding bouquets, you can save quite a bit by using the extra flowers to create your own boutonnieres and corsages.  These should be the last to design, as they do not have a water source.

To create the boutonniere shown below, you'll need the following products, fresh flowers and florist supplies:



If you need more guidance on designing boutonnieres, be sure to go to the beginning boutonniere gallery and read through the step by step tutorials.  

After you have wired the rose, lavender and astilbe, wrap the stem with a part of a Dusty Miller leaf and overwrap with the gold metallic wire.  Mist well with the flower sealant and store in the cooler or refrigerator until needed.

boutonniere basics

Wiring Calyx Flowers

Wiring Delicate Blooms

Taping Florist Wire

Pleating Leaves

Artificial Leaves

Supporting Leaves

Ribbon Wrap Stems

Wire Wrapped Stems

Decorative Wire Stems

Decorative Wire Accents

Boutonniere Magnets

 Cushion Flower Wiring

Wiring Branch Filler Flowers

Leaves Stitch Wiring

Pleating Large Leaves

Cupping Leaves

Wiring Soft Leaves

French Wrapped Stems

Wire Armatures

Decorative Wire Accents

Shortening Pin Shanks

Pocket Boutonnieres

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