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Do you need a flower corsage for a wedding or prom?  You start by checking out the step by step tutorials at the beginning corsage galleries and choosing whether to use the traditional wire and tape or the newer (and faster!) glued method.

Dendrobiums are delicate tropicals, so start by washing your hands to rid excess skin oil.  Without meaning to, your fingers can cause bruising on petals.  If you wish to do a traditional wire and tape, be sure to read through the directions for wiring dendrobiums.  It's easy to crush the delicate blooms.

Be sure to tape and wire the closed buds at the end of the dendrobium stem, as it creates an interesting contrast to the open blooms.  Give yourself plenty of wired stems, as the excess can be snipped away with wire cutters.

For this design, you'll need the following fresh flowers and florist supplies:

Layer the wired blooms, alternating with greenery such as ivy or wispy fern, taping each wired stem with more stem wrap as you work your way down, building the corsage.

The separated wired stems look well as a shoulder corsage, but you may wish to snip off or curl up the stems when used to create a wristlet, as the stems can catch and tear clothing.  If you need more detailed instructions, be sure to read through the step by step tutorials found at the beginning Galleries.  You can also follow the designing links found at the bottom of the page for both the traditional tape and wire method and the newer, gluing with floral adhesive method.

Always finish by misting well with a flower sealant, allowing it to dry and storing in the refrigerator.

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