making a corsage bracelet

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You can make your own corsage bracelet by using either Oasis Decorative wire (which comes in a variety of color choices.  It is very easy to bend and twist in different shapes) or a using a regular 22 gauge florist wire taped with colored stem wrap.

Stem wrap is easy to use.  Pull down gently and stretch the wrap so it will cling to itself as you wrap the wire.

Tape down the entire length of the stem.

Curl the two ends towards each other as shown below.

Keep bending the wires until the ends cross over and above the center of the taped wire.

Bend the two ends over the center wire and work the open loops into two circles.

Bend the two ends of the wire upward.

Create another set of circle loops as shown below.

You can now thread wide double faced soft satin ribbon ribbon through the first set of holes.  It is this ribbon that will be tied around the wrist to hold it in place.

I actually like using two ribbons, threading the second through the bottom loops.

Glue a tied bow to the center of the four loops.  Now, using Oasis Floral Adhesive, simply glue your flower heads in among the loops of the bow.

If you want to use a jewel bracelet instead of tying to a wrist with the ribbon, simply use narrow ribbon instead of the wide and thread the ribbons through the small holes of the bracelet silicone pad.

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