How to Make a Corsage

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Common daisies make lovely corsage and boutonniere work that last well and are inexpensive.  Each flower stem generally has 3 to 5 flower heads and is usually enough to make a single corsage.

You will need to wire and tape each individual flower head, which helps control the angle of the face of the flower.  Choose each bloom carefully and inspect to be sure it is free of blemishes or broken petals.

Cut the daisy head off just below the main flower head.

Using an enameled green florist wire in either in either a 24 or 26 gauge ensures that it is flexible enough to pierce and support the flower head without being too thick or thin.

There are several different methods of wiring different varieties of flowers.  I'll demonstrate and you can choose your preferred method.

The first is to push the 26 gauge wire directly up into the daisy stem.

Begin taping directly under the flower head and pull the tape at a downward angle, stretching it enough that it adheres to itself as you wind it around the wire.

I usually wire all my flowers at one time and insert them upright into a block of unused foam until I am ready to assemble my corsage.

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