tree candelabra flowers

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Tree candelabra flowers are created on open wreath maches.  The wreaths can be used on either table top stands or floor stands.

To create a similar look, you'll need the following hard goods, flowers and greenery:

Hard Goods:

Fresh Flowers:


Whether you have a floor standing or a table top tree candelabra, this design is done the same way.

Always start by processing your flowers correctly.  This step is so important (as well as the products) as they help extend the life of your fresh flowers.  Always add flower food to the water that holds your flowers.  Skip the flower food for the greenery buckets.

Wrap the wreath and ring holder with waterproof tape approximately 1 1/2" around the diameter.  Float soak in nutrient treated water.  After all the flowers are inserted, secure the stems with Floralock Stem Adhesive.

Once finished, carefully set both rings on the candelabra after the flowers have been delivered to the venue.  Mist them well each day with the flower sealant and replenish the water in the foam by trickling water onto the design with a sink spray.  You would be surprised how much water fresh flowers drink each day.

If you need more help on actually designing the flowers step by step, check out the wreaths tutorials.

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