Wedding Candelabra Flowers

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The best secret to floral design?  Time is money.  Therefore, Smithers-Oasis are always thinking of great products to save florists time.  

Gone are the days of tediously whittling florist foam blocks down to manageable shapes and wrapping them in tape or chicken wire.  (Ouch!  That dang stuff is SHARP!)

Oasis gives us florist foam in lightweight netted bags that hold the foam and keeps it from degrading, yet allows us to push flowers into easily - wrapping them around almost anything!

Cut apart and hang from bridal chairs or wedding pews.  Lay them on church window ledges.  Drape as garland from outdoor wedding gazebos.  The design possibilities are endless.

They seem expensive - but the 9 foot garland comes with 14 cylinders  (think 14 pews or chairs!) and the 32.9 ft has 50 cylinders.  That's a lot of decorating power.

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