wreath centerpiece

The wreath centerpiece is more versatile than you think.  It can be laid flat as a table centerpiece, used to surround punch or serving bowls, sparkle with candlelight with a hurricane or large vase placed in the center, used as a head centerpiece with the cut wreath dropping over the table edge or hung on a door, car grill, as a standing centerpiece for a banquet table or hung as pew end decorations.

This first tutorial shows how to green in using a variety of bulk greenery.  Greens usually stretch the flower dollar and cover the foam nicely.  The next tutorials show various ideas for basic flowering.  Keep in mind that you can always change colors or flower varieties to create a look that will be unique to you alone.

Check out all the tutorials to learn how to design this traditional centerpiece that is starting to look "new" all over!

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