flower corsage

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This flower corsage is a single gorgeous bloom with dainty crystals glued in among the petals.  To create this lovely corsage, you'll need the following:

Always begin by processing your flowers in the right way immediately upon arrival.  It will show how to get the longest life from your wholesale wedding flower.

The rose needs a chance to open in order to glue the crystals in between the petals.  Use Quick Dip rehydrator and set in slightly warm water.   Cut rose stem off with a straight cut across the bulb of the rose.  Glue to the acrylic pad with flower adhesive.  Do not use hot melt, as it will damage the rose and become brittle when in refrigeration.

Cut the crystal or pearl stems short, dip straight into the tube of Oasis Flower Adhesive and hold for a few seconds in between the petals until it is firm.  Mist well with flower sealant, allow to dry and refrigerate until needed.

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