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This  flower corsage and matching boutonniere would be charming for a young junior bridesmaid or candle lighter.  The soft hues of lavender contrast nicely with the bold pink of the roses.  For a softer look, consider choosing a paler shade of pink.

To create a similar look, you'll need the following fresh flowers and florist supplies:

I constantly repeat myself on every flower corsage tutorial and recipe. . . start by processing your flowers as a professional florist would.  I have detailed all the steps and recommended products that are used in flower shops across the country.  Quite simply, flowers last longer if you treat them immediately upon arrival.  The recommended products are now easily available to DIY brides.  If you don't have the advantage of a florist cooler (which puts moisture into the air), flower food and sealants will keep your flowers fresh longer.

This corsage and boutonniere was created with the wire and tape method, but can easily be created with floral glue on a wristlet.  The links to step by step directions of both method are available at the bottom of this page.

The simple bow is a double loop made of sheer ribbon.  Since freesia are delicate flowers, use a finer wire for when creating stems so not to damage the petals.  

Step by step tutorials for all flower designs are found in their beginning galleries.  After learning the basic techniques for everything from corsages and boutonnieres to bouquets and centerpieces, check out the galleries filled with flower recipes.  A recipe simply shows a picture of the flower design and lists the needed flowers and florist products to create that particular floral.  

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