flower corsage

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This flower corsage can be worn on the hand or pinned to a wearer's shoulder or purse.  If the dress is sheer fabric, you can use magnets.  Remember, however, that strong magnets can affect a pacemaker, so don't use it on anyone with this device.

For this design, you'll need the following fresh flowers and florist supplies:

Most corsage recipes on this site can be created by the traditional wire and tape method or the faster, glued method.  Just be sure to use Oasis Floral Adhesive, as hot glue can hurt fresh flowers and becomes brittle when stored in refrigeration.

Notice how the heads of the flowers are tilted in different directions.  It's this type of perspective that gives your corsages a natural look.  If wiring the flowers, I like to wire all flowers and jewels ahead of time and then construct my corsage with all the flowers in front of me.  Wiring gives you control that natural stems do not. 

Be sure to check out how to process your wholesale flowers.  This type of care will ensure a longer life for all your flowers.  I use a flower sealant, such as Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory, on every flower design I create.  This is important for cut flower work, as corsages and boutonnieres do not have any water source.  Sealing the petal leaves will help slow moisture loss in the petals that leads to petal transparency.

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