flower corsages

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This flower corsage is flexible and can be used by worn as a shoulder or wrist corsage.  The soft corals and pink makes it a lovely mother of the bride or grandmother corsage.

For this design, you'll need the following flower and florist supplies:

Wire and tape all flowers and foliage. Arrange into desired corsage shape. Secure with floral tape. Add flower crystals or pearls to add a romantic look to the design. Wrap with ribbon.  Shorten the Diamante Pins.   Finish by gluing the shortened pins into the ribbon wrapped stem.

Spray entire arrangement with Clear Crowning Glory or Finishing Touch, making sure to completely cover the fronts and backs of the flowers. Refrigerate until delivery.

If you wish to wear this flower corsage on the wrist, learn how to create a wire framework that can have a soft satin ribbon threaded through it.  You can also glue the flowers directly to a wrist bracelet using Oasis Floral Adhesive.

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