wheat candelabra flowers

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Green wheat makes striking candelabra flowers suitable for either a rustic themed or fall wedding.  To recreate this look, you'll need the following supplies and fresh flowers:

Wrap the Floracage making the grid smaller.  This extra support helps stabilize the foam, as so many stem insertions can weaken the foam and cause it to crumble.

The wheat is actually cut into pieces, with short insertions of the heads coming out of the upper left of the cage and the cut stems inserted upward from the bottom right.  This leaves the center foam area open for the insertion of the viburnum, bupleurum and the button poms.

After all flowers and greenery inserted, lock the stems into place with short bursts of Floralock.  Use short bursts, as too much can cause the adhesive to dribble down the cage on onto the flowers, causing a sticky mess.

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