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Round bouquet designs

Round bouquet designs are a favorite of brides everywhere.  Although the basic design techniques are the same, you can create your own original look by changing the flower variety, the color of the flowers and additions of bouquet jewelry or ribbon.

Keep in mind that the above tutorials can be used to teach yourself the techniques used by professional florists.  Bouquets can be sucessfully made in home environments, but you have to invest in a few products to assure the wholesale flowers retain their freshness up through the wedding day AND actually saving you money by your contribution of the labor.

My best advice is to compare sites to each other.  Sometimes you can get lost in the hype of "FREE SHIPPING!"  to cloud your judgement on actually getting the best price.

Compare not only the shipping costs - but the cost per bunch and the number of stems in a bunch.  Sound confusing?  It's meant to.  Just because a wholesale flower site calls it a "bunch" doesn't necessarily mean they are selling you a standard wholesale flower bunch.

I see many sites shortchanging you in the number of stems (or leaves) by giving you less than a standard bunch.  Take leather leaf fern.  This is a common greenery used by every flower shop.  Greenery is often packed by weight . . . and usually has between 18 - 25 stems per bunch.  

What this translates to is when a wholesale site insists you buy 5 bunches for about $65 . . . you are getting shortchanged if they are selling you 10 - 15 stems in a bunch.  So figure it out PER STEM.   If you are getting an average of 13 stems (x 5 bunches) you are getting 65 stems for $65.  Wow!  Sounds great, doesn't it?

Trouble is a typical leather leaf grower's bunch is 18 - 25 stems (depending on size).  That means an average of 22 stems per grower's bunch (x 5 growers bunches) means you're getting 110 stems for $44.95 RETAIL!!

See what I mean?  Suddenly "buying wholesale" doesn't seem like such a bargain anymore.  Ready the fine print.  Buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED . . . not in big lots.  Free Shipping is always figured in the price . . . so figure out who is offering the best price.  

So before creating your round bouquet designs . . . start at the beginning by shopping for the best price.  I carry all you need to create your flower designs, charge as close to actual shipping as I can estimate and delivery everything you need in one delivery.

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