stephanotis BRIDAL bouquet

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A stephanotis bridal bouquet is true luxury with the perfect star shaped flowers.  The old fashioned name is jasmine.  The flowers are small, however, so I like to blanket the foam with another flower to hide the mechanics.  For this tutorial I'm using stock flower.  The flowers are a true white and the combination of the two flowers has a lovely, deep scent.  If you'd like a contrast between the stephanotis and the stock, choose an alternate color.

For this tutorial you'll need the following supplies:

Good flower bouquets always start with good treatment at the beginning, meaning it's important to process your flowers correctly.  Always cut the stems underwater and use flower food to extend the life of every bloom.  These fresh flower products don't cost that much and pay back by extending the life of your flowers.

Be sure to soak your bouquet holder in water treated with Crystal Clear, allowing the foam to sink gradually into the foam.  This will assure that there are no dry pockets that could mean early wilting for any flower stem if there is no water to draw upon.

Always place the wet foam holder in a sturdy vase weighted down with either rock or marbles.  A combination of wet foam and heavy flower heads can topple your bouquet forward, potentially bruising the delicate flower heads.

Stock is one of my favorite flowers.  You can smell warm, spicy aroma any time you are near them.  In the bouquet, they are often mistaken for hydrangeas, but these flowers are hardier and hold up longer.

Before working with your flowers, be sure to wash your hands and lightly mist your fingertips with Finishing Touch.  Stephanotis flower heads are very delicate and you have to handle them gently so not to bruise the petals.

Stock comes in single stem grower bunches of 10 stems each.  You can cut these stems in parts and insert individually into the flower foam.

Cut the stems at an angle for clean insertions into the green Oasis foam.

If you don't want to use stock flower for your base, you can use miniature spray carnations, sweetheart rose heads or cushion mums as alternatives.  I like the look of stock, but the combined scent might be a little too strong for anyone with allergies.

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