pink candelabra flowers

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These pink candelabra flowers make a lovely statement and are so easy to design!  The recommended book price for this flower design is over $100, so you see you can really save on your wedding flower budget if you design some of the flowers on your own. 

You'll need the following hard goods and fresh flowers.  (Please feel free to substitute your own wedding colors if you desire):

Hard Goods:

Fresh Flowers:

Fresh Greenery:

Read up on how to process your wedding flowers when they arrive.  Soak your Grand Iglus in water that has been treated with Crystal Clear (or some other) professional flower food.  (This is really important, as the recommended products really do extend the life of your flowers).

Wrap Iglu holder with waterproof tape approximately 1/2" apart to aid in keep the foam integrity.  So many flower insertions can begin to crumble the foam.  Please try to insert only once, as taking the flowers in and out tends to break up the foam with so many holes.

These are three Iglus attached in three separate places on the candelabra arm.  It just looks like one entire piece as the flowers spray out from the sides and mingle with each other.

Once flowers are in place, lock the stems securely with Floralock Stem Adhesive.  Spray well with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory and then allow to dry before refrigerating.

Attach the arrangements to the candelabra with the green chenille stems after delivery to the ceremony venue.

If you need more guidance, be sure to check out the many step by step flower tutorials that show how to green and flower oasis foam.

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