pink candelabra flowers

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These pink candelabra flowers can be designed in other colors as well, simply by changing the flower varieties.  For this candelabra, you'll need the following products and fresh flowers:


Fresh Flowers:

Fresh Greenery:

Be sure to float soak your floam in water that has been treated with a professional flower food.  This really does extend the life of your flowers - please don't skip this basic flower product.  To give the foam more stability, you can wrap extra waterproof tape around the cage.  Many flower insertions can begin to degrade the stability of the foam.  Try to insert only once.  Taking flowers in and out can crumble the foam quickly.

Use this close up as a placement guide for your flowers.  Once all flowers are inserted, use Floralock Adhesive to ensure that the stems are locked into place.  Use short bursts so the glue dries quickly and doesn't drip.

Spray entire arrangement with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.

Attach the Floracage to the candelabra with chenille stems after delivery to the church.

If you need more detailed instructions and tips on designing flowers, be sure to check out the flower candelabra step by step tutorials.

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