arched candelabra

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These arched candelabra flowers create an impressive display in front of a church.  Change the colors or flower varieties if you wish, the design steps remain the same.  You'll need the following products and flowers to create a similar look:

Hard goods:

Fresh Flowers:

Fresh Greenery:

 First read up on how to properly process your bulk wedding flowers.  This is important, because the life of your wedding flowers is extended if done properly.

Float soak all your Oasis cages in water treated with professional flower food.  Please don't skip these important products.  They really do help keep the flowers fresh, especially if you don't have access to a large florist cooler like the professionals do.

Wrap the waterproof tape around the foam cages, creating a grid approximately 1/2" apart.  So many flower insertions can cause foam to crumble.  Try to insert stems only once, as inserting and removing stems multiple times also contributes to foam degradation.  

Weave the chenille stems and twist on the back of the cages.  You will use these later to attach the flower filled cage to the candelabra.

After all stems are inserted, use Floralock Adhesive to lock the stems into place.  Spray all the finished arrangements with Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory.  Be sure to keep dribbling water, replenishing what the flower stems drink up each day before the wedding.  You'd be surprised how much water fresh flowers drink.  This is the key to keeping your flowers fresh longer.

If you need more detailed help, be sure to check out the step by step tutorials found on the website.  These tutorials take you step by step, showing how to prepare the flowers, how to green property and how to flower in.

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