wedding pew bows

Making wedding pew bows isn't hard, but keeping them consistent in size and shape takes a little practice.  Before starting your bows, clear off a large working space and lay your ribbon shears, spools of ribbon, tulle, wire, and floral tape within easy reach.

A word of note . . . use clean shears that haven't been used for anything but cloth.  Trying to cut ribbon or tulle cleaning with flower scissors is frustrating, as they can leave marks and jagged edges.

I tape several wires ahead of time and lay them aside as needed when the ribbon is ready to be tied off.  Nothing is more frustrating than realizing you have a hand busy with a bow only to realize your wire hasn't been taped yet!

Check your yardage needed and multiplied by the number of bows you need BEFORE buying spools of ribbon.  It's deceiving to think you are saving money buying at a discount store only to realize that each spool may only have enough for one bow.  Professional florists buy wholesale ribbon in bigger bolts so that all your matching ribbon comes from the same bolt, ensuring that the color batch is the same because it comes from the same dye lot.  Wholesale ribbon typically comes in 50 to 100 yard bolts, which actually saves money per yard in the long run.

Once your bows are made, hook them onto a wire clothes hanger and store where they can be spaced apart and not have anything leaning against them.  I had an industrious bride who store hers in a large plastic bag "to keep them clean".  She was dismayed to remove them shortly before the decorating to find they had crumpled and crushed beyond use.  Frantic because of little time and no way to get more ribbon, they all had to be unwrapped, ironed and then remade into bows again.  

If you HAVE to store your wedding pew bows, use a large storage box and lay them very gently into place, not pressing anything down so the shape is maintained.  I like keeping them on hangers and then tie a clothesline from the handle above the windows in the back seat of my vehicle and hang the bows from their clothes hanger on the clothesline for the trip to the church.

On your trip to the church, be sure to include your ribbon shears, additional taped wires, any excess ribbon and Uglu if you plan to adhere them to the pews with that wonderful adhesive.  It holds securely yet peals off easily with no residue or damage to wood.  DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE!  You'll spend a lot of time trying to get the sticky adhesive off and may have to pay damages to the venue.

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