satin and tulle pew bow

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I've already created a tutorial for the basic satin pew bow.  This tutorial is very similar, except I've added in tulle as an additional element in the design.  When I refer to satin, I'm talking about the single face satin commonly used in flower vases.  It has a crisp texture and turns out great looking bows.  Double faced satin is softer and used more commonly for hair bows and flower girl's dress ties.

You will find everything you need on my Pew Bow Supplies page:

  1. Each loop 10”  x 12 loops  = 120”
  2. Each tail 24” x 2  = 48”
  3. 48” + 120” = 168”
  4. 168” / 12” = 14 ft
  5. 14’ / 3 = 4.66 yards  (roughly 5 yds per bow of both satin and tulle)

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