tulle church decorations

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This church tulle decoration can be designed for either fresh or silk flowers. Soft tulle is a lovely sheer fabric often used by brides as a cheap decorating tool. You can drape it behind cake tables, loop around bannisters, hang from reception hall ceilings and more. It comes in short 6" bolts in many colors and wider widths (up to 54") when you need a larger quantity.

Materials needed for this pew bow:

Choose the 6" Tulle on the smaller bolt as shown.  Trying to cut down 45" or 60" fabric bolt tulle can be frustrating.  Add in a fabric satin if you wish to have colored tails.  The Oasis Mini Decos can be used for either fresh or silk flowers.

Cut out lengths of about 12 - 14". The measurements don't have to be perfect, since you'll be creating a circle around the mini deco foam and use that as a eventual guide.

Using sharp scissors is a must. Dull or jagged scissors can snap and pull on the tulle. I often buy a cheap pair of scissors at a dollar store to use on wedding ribbon or fabric only. 

Cut out three lengths approximately the same size. You will be using these lengths of tulle to braid and eventually tie into a circle that fits around the Mini Deco. Now on to the next step of this tulle bow tutorial.

Now tie a tight square knot at one end, binding all three tulle lengths together.

Tie the tulle to a chair spindle or something similar to hold the  tulle taut while braiding.

Begin to braid down tightly, using all three lengths of the tulle netting.

You are going to need enough braided to create a circle around the Oasis Mini Deco that will hold and support either your fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Don't worry about the loose ends - they will blend right into the rest of the pew bow after it is finished.

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