Wedding centerpiece vases

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The wedding centerpiece vases shown in the photo below range in different heights.  I like to have taller vases so the guests can see each other's faces when conversing throughout the dinner hour.

I use Oasis Max-Life foam.  Large arrangements need as much foam as will fit into the container.  These plates usually hold around 2/3 of a brick.

I like using stainless plates because the mirror finish doesn't show the foam underneath the arrangement.  Remember your guests when seated may be looking up.  These are affordable and come in sets of 4.

Tape the foam to the plate by taping over the foam with waterproof tape.

You will be greening and flowering at home.  When you arrive to the venue with the flower delivery, rim the top of the vase with white floral tape, rolled very thin.  Pick up the finished flower arrangement and place on top of the trumpet vase, pressing down firmly.

Lightly green in the plate with various greens.  You can purchase combo boxes of greenery to save money.  Check out a different tutorial to see how this brick was greened with Leather Leaf fern and Italian Ruscus.  Keep in mind that this referral tutorial flower does not have the same amount of flowers.  This design has a larger brick of foam because it needs to support more flowers and greens.

For more interest, you will be adding seeded eucalyptus.  If you don't care for the leaves, you can by the seeds only sold as naked eucalyptus.

Once the greens are in place, you can begin the flowering process.

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