table skirting designs

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These table skirting designs may inspire your own beautiful wedding decor.   Now that we've seen how to create a simple single swag drawn up into the center into two swags, let's go a little further.  For true elegance, take a look at this amazing shirred draping with a center valance of the same material.  

Another look is to create lush draping of matched, gathered fabric not only in the center, but also at each end.  Leaving the material long, it falls in soft folds to the floor.  A few single roses are tucked within the knots of fabric where it is attached to the table.  This example deceives the eye, as it looks like one long swag.

In actuality, it is TWO pink satin swags meeting in the center.  The draping folds are deeper on each end, sweeping up into a tighter swag in the middle.  The excess fabric allows deep drops of fabric in the middle and on each end.

The shirred pleating on each end requires the T-Pins down the sides, pinning the folds into place and keeping them there.

Let's change the draping a bit.  Instead of starting at the center point of the tables, after finding the center, then measure halfway between that center spot and the ends of the tables.  These points are indicated by the yellow arrows in the photo below.  Mark these two points with a T-Pin.

After securing the draping on both ends, gather up the draping with your hand and pin at the connection points marked by the T-Pins on the table.  You can create a little more interest by varying the drop of the middle swag with the two end swags.  The under table cloth covers the entire table and puddles on the floor beneath these swags.

A completely formal look is achieve with perfect draping, keeping all the valances at the same width and drop.  

These valances are three separate pieces, slid onto a thin curtain rod and secured with pins to the table edge.  The center swag overlaps the two end swags.  A table covering drops over the edge, concealing the valance rods.

It is easier, however, if you prefer to buy a premade staging valance as shown in the photo below.

Pre-Made Scallop Table Valance

Just to give you a brief look at how these individual swags are made, take a look at this video.  You will see why these are individually hanging pieces.  I actually made valances like these for my daughter's weddings, had them finished and ready to hang when decorating the reception hall.  It was much easier to do this ahead of time since you have a million things to do when the wedding day arrives.

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