table skirting designs

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Table skirting designs often include decorative elements that finish off the table edge, where the top of the skirting meets the cloth laid over the table.   This can hide any pins or clips used to hold the table skirting in place.  First rule of wedding design is to always conceal your mechanics.

A very easy finish is to simply drop the edge of the top table top cloth over the top edge of the table skirting.  This creates a simple, yet elegant design. Start by attaching your table skirting to the table with the clips.  Lay the tabletop with long rectangle cloths, overlapping in the middle if more length is needed. 

In this look, the chair side of the table has no dropped edge, leaving the length over the front edge, while allowing the wedding party to easily pull their chairs up close to the table while eating.  It is advisable to use some type of clip or double sided fastening tape on the chair side to assure that the cloth stays in place once the table is laid.

Another unique look is to keep the linens and skirting unadorned to bring immediate focus to the brightly colored flower decorations at the foot of the bridal table.  This is a great look if the bride or groom are on the short side, keeping it so the guests can view the faces of the wedding party.

A totally different nod to color is accomplished with a sheer overlay of fabric pinned to the top of the table skirting design.   This lovely look can soften the look of inexpensive plastic table skirting.

The sheerness of organza or nylon works beautifully for this type of table skirting.  The excess fabric is folded over itself, concealing the pins.  For a lovely finish, let the fabric puddle at the bottom on the floor and place clear cylinder candle vases directly on the soft folds of the fabric. 

A typical banquet table is 30" high, so you need your fabric to be 60" wide to create bold the overlapping fold and the fabric draping on the floor.  Look for soft, sheer fabric (such as nylon or polyester) that has a slippery feel for the best draping look.

To create this crisp look for a bridal table edge, a patterned table cloth is laid on the table with the long side dropping over the edge.  End to end square mirrors form a base to keep the cloth in place and create a bright pop of color with the flower pomander designs.  Experiment with trailing ribbon or streamers over the edge for  a lengthy color accent against the table skirting.

A softer table finish uses a traditional ivory table skirting, a colored table cloth with the ends dropped over the table edge and then ANOTHER draping overlay of sheer organza window scarf with just a hint of color.  Small accents of clustered Baby's Breath are attached randomly over the organza scarf.  Gel Grip Tape works well and won't harm the sheer fabric so you can use it later.

Another cool idea is to billow long window scarves on the edge of the table top, securing them in place with square mirror tiles.  This doesn't require anything time consuming table skirting draping, and the scarves come in many different colors that come finished and ready to use.

You will be amazed at what a can of gold paint (or any contrasting color) can do for a simple scalloped window valance.  That is cheaper than buying expensive Venitian lace.  Distinctive elegance is achieved with a quick pinning to the table edge.

The rhinestone wrap is a treatment that is easy without a high price tag. This is actually a pressed imitation of rhinestone.  It creates a lovely sparkle effect, without the high cost of real rhinestones. The wrap is available in many colors besides the traditional gold and silver.  It is almost 5 inches wide and comes on 30 foot rolls.

It is easily pinned into place with corsage pins to edge the tables, rich in sparkles and glitz.

These diamond-like rolls can add instant glamour and can be used to adorn table skirting, wedding cakes, bridal bouquet handles, decorating wedding card boxes and more.

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