table skirting designs

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Table skirting designs often use colored or chromatic overlays or swags of fabric to create color accents, romantic drapes and backdrops for wedding table flowers. 

The easiest way to give contrast is to overlay the solid tablecloth with another sheer tablecloth of different colors or a defined pattern.  This top lace tablecloth covers the entire front of the table skirting.

The subtle contrast adds beauty and interest without the need of swags or drapes.

Sheer overlays with metallic patterns give a lovely contrast that shows up well against the white skirting.  These skirtings can be slippery, so always take care to use either clips or double sided gel grip tape to hold the tablecloths in place.

The weight of table arrangements can also be used keep the tablecloth on the table.

You can also use a tablecloth that overlays only a portion of the front skirting, creating a the dreamy, romantic look of lace over chiffon.

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