head table decorations

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Now it's time for these amazing roses.  This is a Sophie Light Pink rose.

These roses will be clustered, starting in the center and moving out towards the left side of the design.  This way a massed rose heads will balance the large hydrangea heads to the right.

Insert the stems in the middle and angle out towards the left side.

You are reaching the point to make the flower insertions at your own discretion.  Don't  feel like your design has to match the picture completely.  Let the design become your own.

Do the insertions at different depths, giving the overall design depth as well.

You must clean, wire and tape your succulents before adding them to the design.  Check out the referenced bouquet tutorial for step by step photos on how to do that.  You may wish to have wooden picks.

Tuck the flowers into the top of the arrangement.  Add a couple of others in different places.

Blue roses are really a lavender shade.  These are Mirror Ball roses.

Just tuck these blue roses in and around the pink roses.

Angle the roses and and slightly dipped downward to the left side.

As I've said before, pull back and look at your designs from all sides, determining where the next flowers should go.

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