head table decorations

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These head table decorations are lush with overflowing greens, including those most favored by brides, different varieties of eucalyptus.  You don't have to stay with the colors (or even the flower varieties!) to make similar stunning wedding flower arrangement.

This tutorial is focused on the fountain flower design on the right side of the table.  You are not limited to using this design for the bridal table, but it can be used on buffet tables, in church decorations or outdoor flower designs.

For a quick run through, watch this video.

Keep in mind that you don't have to use this exact flower recipe.  Feel free to substitute other colors - or even use different flower varieties!  You can save on flower and greenery costs by using Eucalyptus mixed boxes.

I did some substitutions on what the photo shows, as some have a limited growing season.  Always read the descriptions carefully to be sure that all flowers selected for your own wedding is available during your wedding month.   Also keep in mind that some flowers needed to fill out back and sides may not be visible on the photo.

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