succulent bouquets

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After pinning your succulent bouquet so the leaves stay forward, we'll move on to preparing the succulent blossom.  Add a few smaller Dusty Miller leaves or seeded eucalyptus to conceal the greening pins.

Professional florist buy their succulents ready to design with.

You can, however, use succulents that are potted.  You do have to clean the roots, however, to get rid of the excess dead foliage and roots.

Keep in mind that succulent bouquets are hardy enough to re-root, if you want to make a living keepsake of them for later.  Use a sharp knife or florist bunch cutters to level the underside of the bloom.

If you can, retain the central root so it has a chance to re-root later.

The succulent doesn't have a long stem as most flowers do, so you have to create one of your own.  I used a wired wood pick.

Insert the pointed end straight into the center of the underside.

I then threaded a stiff wire through the lower section, and bent it down parallel to the wood pick.

I then twisted the wire down the pick to make sure it stays attached to the succulent head.

Wash off any excess dirt or debris so it doesn't get on any clothing.

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