wedding centerpiece ideas

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Wedding centerpiece ideas for a versatile flower wreath.  Depending on your flower budget, you can go from a table wreath to an elevated candle design.  This tutorial will teach you how to flower in an Oasis Design Ring.  What makes this foam wreath different is that there is a built in water reservoir in one all contained wreath.  You can lay it directly on a table or elevate it on a tall vase.  

While I've flowered in with carnations as the focal flower, button mums as the secondary flower and and wax flower as the filler, you can change the choices of flower varieties and colors to suit your own wedding palette.  For the same look, just substitute the number of stems of a different flower.

This tutorial used the following products:

There are many different styles of centerpieces, from very simple to "over the top" elaborate.  What you need to learn if you wish to make your own reception wedding flowers is the basics.  

You start by processing your wholesale flowers correctly.  This means you need to be prepared from the moment the flowers are delivered to be ready to cut the flowers and use some simple floral products to keep your flowers at the peak of freshness through your wedding day.

Many DIY brides worry that the flowers will wilt unless received the day before.  Reality is that most flowers can be delivered three days before the wedding date and still look wonderful.  This means if you have a Saturday wedding, it would be good to have them delivered on the prior Wednesday.  Flowers have been inbred for many years to have a long vase life in regular temperatures.  Some flowers, like Oriential Lilies, actually need MORE time before the wedding to open to their full beauty.  If your flowers are delivered the day before the wedding, you cut yourself a very small time frame to design your flowers, plus have the worry that they cannot be replaced if something should happen with FedEx truck and they don't arrive as scheduled.

Have your work space set up, water buckets filled, large waste containers set up and a tarp or other protective covering over the floor (if needed).  If possible, you should have easy access to water.  Set up a sturdy table and be ready to go to work without having to hunt down needed items.

Check out all my tutorials and flower recipes for your wedding centerpiece ideas.  Look more at the shape and design rather than the colors and/or flowers.  It's easy to create a similar design using totally different flowers!

Let's move forward to designing the wreath!

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