make a christmas centerpiece

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You make make a Christmas centerpiece that rivals those designed by a flower shop!  You need the following items:

Assorted Christmas Greens - some suggestions:

All Christmas greens add a wonderful fragrance.  Part of this is because of the sap.  That's why I cut my greens with bunch cutters, as the sap is sticky and can dull your knife quickly.

Cut the cedar into short sections and strip off the bottom leaves to have a clean stem to insert into the florist foam.

Begin by angling the cedar upwards, so the tips of the greenery brush the table top.  This will conceal the plastic tray that the foam rests on.

Fill in the inner sides as well.  The center of the tray is left open for a glass hurricane to rest in the middle.

Work your way around the diameter of the design ring, leaving open spots for the insertion of other Christmas greens.

The next greenery is fir.  It is the use of different kinds of greens that will add interest to the final Christmas centerpiece.

Cut the greens into different lengths and strip the bottom spiky needles off the bottom of the stem.

Continue filling around the design ring.

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