winter wedding bouquet

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A winter wedding bouquet brings different styles to mind, but I think this cool number filled with frosty whites, cool greys and touches of blue is perfect!

For this design, you'll need the following flowers and supplies:

You can create this bouquet in two different ways.  The first is to create a traditional hand tied.  These flowers work well for that sort of design.

Most of the flowers in this bouquet dry very nicely, allowing you to create a keepsake with them.  Always mist with a flower sealant when done, keep in a water vase and store in refrigerator if possible.  Check out the Quick Design links below (especially on processing your flowers).  The links also take you to a lot of favorite flowers used in this type of wedding bouquet.

Astrantia comes in creamy shades of white, a soft violet color and shades of pink.  The stems are slender, sometimes with several laterals off one stem.  Smaller flower heads are clustered in groups on a stem.

You can also tape  two or three flower heads together and cluster for corsage and boutonniere work.

Fresh lavender has a luscious scent and adds a charming accent to this winter wedding bouquet.

Scabiosa pods add texture and interest to all flower designs.  A bunch come on long, slender stems with no leaves or greenery.

Silver brunia has become a hot product for the newer, modern bridal bouquets. The tough branches have to be cut with a branch pruner or other type of heavy branch cutter.  You can cut off clusters of the brunia and hook a couple of strands of paddle wire, bend it over, and then tape with floral tape as a flower stem.

Make this stem a little shorter than the other flower stems and thus conceal it within the clustered handle.

As you can see, silver brunia has a very interesting texture and undeveloped bods within the flowers bunch.

Succulents are sold in separate heads and will need to be wired separately to be included into the hand tied bouquet.

Eucalyptus is a popular greenery and comes in several different varieties.  Gunni eucalyptus has smaller leaves than the baby blue eucalyptus, and different shaped leaves than the willow eucalyptus.

Slender laterals come off a central stem, allowing you to separate the stems and use individually.  Set aside some shorter laterals and pieces to use with your corsage and boutonniere work.

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