white bridal bouquet

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This white bridal bouquet is a lovely blend of soft whites with a hint of blush pink. If you need help on how to create a hand tie, check out both the traditional method and the one for a mock hand tie.

For a similar hand tied bouquet, you'll need the following products:

Additional Products for "Mock" Hand Tie:

White tulips are a seasonal product, with the nicest head size in the spring time.  Expect winter tulips to have smaller heads and you may want to add another stem or so to the bouquet.  They are sleeved in bunches of ten stems.

Take care to always cut with a sharp knife.  The stems are hollow and can be crushed easily with household scissors, making the stem unable to carry water up to the flower head.

Once being processed, store tulips in a higher lipped container to prevent drooping and curling of the stem.  You can also roll stems in tissue paper and lightly slip a rubber band around them.  Tulips do continue growing in a bouquet and will move towards a light source.

Store cut in just 2 or 3 inches of water (never letting them go dry).  Submerging tulip stems in too high of a water level can cause the stems to soften and get rather slimy, thus adding bacteria to the water and shortening the life of the tulip.

Astilbe is a dainty, feathery flower that is available in soft whites, shades of pink, and red.  They are packed in bunches of 10 stems with a single flower head.  They do have a limited season, generally available between May and November.

Carnations are single headed flowers and are available in a large range of colors and bi-colors.  They have a long vase life and a soft fragrance.  They are packed in bunches of 25 and are available all year round.

Peonies are a delicate flower that need to be refrigerated, or they will blow open quickly and shorted their overall life.  They are a seasonable product, so be sure to check the product details to assure they are available during your wedding.  During the hottest months they do not travel as well as other flowers on a hot truck.

White hyacinths have a delicious scent and need time in the warmth to fully open.  After opening, they should be refrigerated.  They are a lovely addition to any white bridal bouquet.

Roses never go out of style.  You can either choose a solid white or one with just a touch of blush pink to add a soft color to the bouquet.

After assembling this white bouquet bouquet, tie with sheer ribbon for maximum romance.  The addition of a sheer blue adds a little contrast and a great color element in this hand tie.

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