Wedding Pew Decorations

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Wedding pew decorations often are designed on pew holders that attach themselves to the arms and backs of pews depending on their style.  Always take care to protect the wood finish of the pew if using wire or wet foam.

The largest pew hanger has a round cage that snaps into place - no cutting of foam is necessary.  The small cage being shown in this demo has two styles of clips - one that locks over the top of the arm and one that clips from the side.

The ready made cage is an Iglu and comes in two different sizes.  It has perforated tabs on either side that tulle or ribbon can be tied to and tied around a larger arm pew.

Larger cages are also available, as well as netted Oasis spheres.  The different styles are available for many different pew looks.

For this demonstration, I'm using this pew clip that slides on from the side.  Cut the foam and fit into the box.  The sides are all open for easy insertion of greenery and flowers from the sides, bottom, top and front.

It takes very little foam for an arrangement with 5 - 6 flowers.  Just remember that water evaporates quickly in open cages like this.  The water in the arrangement may need to be replenished before attaching to the pews.

You do not want it "dripping" right before placing it on the wood arms!

Here's a closeup on how this style clip attaches to the arm of the pew.

You are ready to begin inserting greenery in the foam for your design.

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