Wedding Pew Decorations

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The newer bridal designs are featuring lovely mixes of both flower varieties and greenery. 

Leather leaf fern is fairly cheap and is a staple in every flower shop.  Order an extra bunch or two and you'll not be caught short if needed to fill in designs and large arrangements.  The separate laterals are cut apart for this pew design.

You are going to "frame in" your design with greenery first, inserting the flowers last.  To start, insert a longer piece straight up from the bottom of the cage.

Add a second, shorter piece on the left side.

Insert another piece on the top.  Remember to keep pew arrangements fairly low - guests need to have a clear line of sight to see the ceremony.  Don't force them to peer around large bouquets of flowers that block their view.

I created a long line with ruscus out of the bottom and slightly to the left.

Put two shorter, matching pieces of ruscus on the top, one straight up and down and the other leaning towards the right.

Begin adding in more pieces of leather and ruscus, filling the design in from the sides, and then working your way towards the middle.

Try to insert once only.  Continually poking in greens or flowers and taking it back out again will start to degrade your florist foam and cause it to crumble.

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