wedding church flowers

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Wedding church flowers can be fastened to either a stand or a rental candelabra.  You begin by fastening your large Jumbo foam cage to the stand.  You can create the design on a flat table, but you should take some measurements of the candelabra stand you are planning to use to have a sense of how high and how wide to make the arrangement.

Insert long wires through the frame of the box and extend out the sides.  These are the wires you will use later to attach them to your stand.

To make this design a little more interesting, I took off the standard candelabra arm with seven candle holders and plan to use these flat lomey bouquet holders in the cage to hold 3 extra long candles in this design.

The trick is to be sure that the Lomey bouquet holders are inserted and supported so that their tops are level and flat in your final wedding church flowers design.

As you can see, I staggered three holders down the cage, using the flat handle to insert in a downward slant into the foam cage.  The holders are at different levels to add more interest to the final design.

I took care to wire the bouquet holders securely into the foam of the cage.  Feed the wire through the edge of the cage of the Lomey holder and attach to the outer cage of the main foam cage.  The holder should be firmly supported by the wire the twisted off and the excess wire snipped off with wire cutters.

Attach extra twists of wire onto the cage that will later be the wires you use to attach to the candelabra stand when you decorate at the church.

The Lomey holders also have a handy hole in the bottom of the handle, using meant for sliding ribbon tassles through.  I'm going to use the same as an anchor part part to wire the holder more securely into the cage.

Here are all three Lomey holders, wired securely to the larger cage.  Don't feel as if you have to add the holders if you don't want candles or if they are prohibited by the church.  You can go on to decorate the stand in the very same way without the addition of candles.  The same can be done for rental candelabra, covering up the candle holders and simply using the stand for tall flower arrangements.

Now it's time to move on to the next step of adding in various varieties of greenery to make the arrangement lush and big.  Mixing different types of greens give you more interest and contrast, while stretching out your flower budget.

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