Church flowers decorations

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Church flowers decorations can be made to look larger with the use of inexpensive greens.  Jade palms are used every day by flower shops to fill out a framework for large floral arrangements.  It has a glossy green color with tapered ends.  Don't worry if every leaf isn't perfect.  Simply use your flower scissors (not your ribbon shears!) to cut any discolored or bad portions off. 

Keep in mind when you process your fresh greens to store them in clean water.  Do not add flower food, as it may cause the leaves to turn yellow.

I begin my candelabra spray by inserting a stem of jade at an angle under the center of the Oasis Jumbo cage, giving it a slant to the left.

I added a second one a little farther to the left with the same parallel angle.

Balance the design with another jade stem on the upper right, continuing the line of the greenery.

I placed another jade upward, always inserting these framework stems into the sides of the rectangle foam.

I shortened the next couple of pieces, inserting the two pieces on the left and right as shown below.

You can see the outer framework of this church decoration filling in nicely.  Remember that greens are usually used to define the size of the arrangement and help conceal the working mechanics (such as the foam, wires and bouquet holders) in the design.

I cut shortened pieces of jade, folding them and inserting deep into the center of the foam cage, pointing straight outward from the middle.  You can use the leftover stems in this jade bunch to create more church flowers decorations.

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