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Wedding candelabra stand should always have a protective cover under them if there is any potential for dripping wax or water.  Trust me, cleaning costs can be high if you damage the flooring of your church or other venue.  Here I used an old aisle runner, but a clear plastic is a better choice and doesn't show.  I concealed this protective cloth under the drapes of the candelabra.

Properly ventilated churches are designed to "draw" the air down the aisles for good circulation.  If you see your "dripless" candles dripping to one side anyway - that's why.  Dollar and discount store candles can burn down very quickly - so it's best to invest in a quality taper candle.  Professional candles come in 12", 15" and even much longer if needed.  I recommend 15" if using tapers.

This lovely fabric was purchased from a discount store and was on clearance.  It cost me around $2 a yard!

I use the decorative openings of the actual candelabra to pull the corner of the material on one side.

I doubled it over and pinned into place with corsage pins.

I allowed a swag on the front and then pulled the material through on the other arm of the candelabra.

It's helpful to have a helper stand back and give you a critical eye on how the material should be draped.  Once you are satisfied, pin it in place in opposite side.

You can see the back certainly isn't perfect!  If this candelabra can be seen from all sides, you'll have to take care to make it look good on all sides.

I did have to keep checking the from to be sure the pins were securing the folds the way I wanted them to be.

Normally, however, the candelabra backs are hidden from the guests.  See how pretty the drape is and how it gave a great contrast to the greenery on the wreath and corso cage.

Straighten out the graceful fall of the material and then pin it into place or secure it to a hard floor with a few pieces of florist clay.

I now will fold back my protective sheet and conceal it under the folds of my candelabra.  Be SURE to have the candelabra placed exactly where you want it - because moving it will make it necessary to do this step all over again!

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