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Wedding ceremony decorations

Wedding ceremony decorations create a lovely backdrop for the taking of your wedding vows.  Be sure to check out my tutorials for other large florals, pew ends, altar sprays as well as other candelabra flowers.  This tutorial not only shows how to create the flowers, but how to drape rental candelabra with lovely fabric.

You'll need the following supplies:

Before designing comes the correct processing of wholesale flowers.  The key to creating your wedding flowers from your home is planning ahead, enlisting the help of friends and family and setting up a workspace before your flowers arrive.

When I first started my website in 2007, I became frustrated with flower websites online that require large minimum purchases and claim to sell at wholesale prices.  Rarely have I seen prices that match the price I pay at my own wholesale floral distributor.  Even worse is selling a bride "bunches" that are not the same amount of stems that a wholesale grower's bunch has.

For example, a popular site sells leatherleaf fern, insisting that you buy 5 "bunches" (which in my mind is referring to wholesale grower bunches) online to find in the fine print that there is only 10 - 15 stems per bunch!  REALLY?

Typical floral wholesalers sell leather leaf in bunches of 20 - 25 - thus you've already been shorted half.  Their "wholesale price" works out to be about a dollar a stem.  On top of that you have to buy $65 worth.  I don't claim to sell wholesale, but my retail price per grower's bunch averages around 20 - 25 stems for $8.99 plus shipping.  I will sell in single bunches - so that averages out to only be 45 cents per stem or less!  They can talk about "free shipping" . . . but I guarantee you all costs are figured into the price SOMEWHERE!

Giving my customers more control over over their flower budget encourages them to buy the floristry products they need to ensure long life.  You should never skip the essentials like Quick Dip, a quality flower food and a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.  These are the products that give a flower long life in regular temperatures.

Let's move on to the actual steps of designing wedding ceremony decorations . . .

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