Wedding Arches

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These wedding arch flower cages can be used for both fresh flowers and artificial flowers.  With the fresh, be sure to float soak the cages in water treated with professional flower food.  After all fresh greenery and flowers have be inserted into the flower cages, lock into place with Floralock and mist well with either Finishing Touch or Crowning Glory Flower Sealant.  Please don't skip the flower sealant, as it keeps the moisture locked into the flower petals, slowing evaporation which will keep your flowers looking fresh longer.

If you plan on using artificial flowers, simply cut the flowers with a Oasis Wire Cutters and dip the wired stems into Craft Glue.  Do NOT soak the foam in water.  If you can, avoid inserting and removing stems several times, as the glue is meant to lock the flowers in place and will degrade the foam quickly with multiple insertions.

Scroll down below the product images to see samples of how the wedding arch flower cages can be used to create flower designs.

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