wedding arch corners and swags

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Your wedding arch flowers give you options of different, pre-filled foam cages.  Easy to design and attach, these foam cages have convenient handles and tabs with holes so you can thread chenille stems or florist wire through and attach to the arch structure.

Floracages work well for small drapery swags and small corner designs.

The Grande Floracage is bigger, and works well for larger side or corner arrangements.  Remember, more foam has more moisture, thus supporting more flowers.

The Tribute cage is the next step up, supporting a large flower swag for the middle of the arch.

The Jumbo cage is the biggest cage available.  It will support heavy and thick stemmed flowers, such as sunflowers and gladiolus.  I particularly like this one simply because it has the most water and is heavy built.  If in doubt, choose the bigger cages.  An arch that is 7 or 8 foot tall has a lot of space.

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