wedding aisle decorations

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Wedding aisle decorations can be created on all the pew ends or staggering every other one.  It depends on your budget and how much time you have.  These are fairly simple to make, yet they can be rather time consuming (depending on the size).  There is a page that covers how to calculate how many flowers you need for different sized foam balls.

You'll need the following supplies for one sphere:

Snip your flowers off into short 2" stems. 

Float soak your Oasis Spheres in water that has been treated with Crystal Clear Flower Food.  Do not force the flower foam under the water line, as this can cause dry spots inside the sphere.  This could mean wilted flowers for any stem inside that dry area.

Leave an open space at the top of the netted ball so you can thread a ribbon loop through the netting to hang your bows to the pews.  Attach a bow on top wired to same netting.  You may want to prepare your bows and loops earlier and then add them before you go to the church, as storage in the refrigerator or attachment to wet foam can cause water stains.

Mist your completed flower balls with Finishing Touch flower sealant. Be sure this has dried before hanging onto the pews, as you do not want to trap any dampness between the wood and the pomander.

Finishing Touch will help keep the petals moist, since home air conditioners and refrigerators are designed to pull moisture out of the air.  Finishing Touch (or Crowning Glory) helps slow this process and keeps your flowers fresh longer.

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