unity floral wreaths

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Fresh unity floral wreaths can use leather leaf fern for the inital greening of the wreath. Use a florist knife to cleanly cut the side laterals off the center step.  Clean cuts make it easier to insert into the wet foam.

I insert a cut lateral upward from the bottom into the center of the oval wreath.  This is at the bottom.  The final dimensions of the wreath will depend on how long of laterals you use.  If you want a bigger wreath, insert longer leaf cuts.  You will need more leather if you decide to do this.

I follow around the perimeter of the Oasis wreath.  You must either prop your design up or drop it over the table edge.  Keep in mind that the wreath is heavy with water.  It needs to be stable so it doesn't fall forward while designing and damage your flowers.

I am going to add extra length to the bottom of this design, as I'm using an oval wreath and want to emphasize the drop off the altar table  I'll be using at the church.  You MUST protect any wooden surface that you use this wreath on, as moisture could come out of the back or front of the wreath.

I work my way around the perimeter of the wreath, quickly inserting the greens in the same manner.  always give them a slight tilt towards the bottom of the table surface, so the mache when viewed from the sides will be completely concealed.

Remember to green in the inner circle as well as the outer, so all the mache and foam is well concealed.

I point the first few laterals on the inner opening down towards the table top as well.

As you move up the foam, begin to straight out the fern angle until you are in the center of the foam, in which you'll point some of the leaves straight upward.  This gives more dimension to the final design.

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